Sunday, May 13, 2007

Future topic list

The closing on our house was delayed a few weeks for installation of a new septic system. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. Its good because we know we will have a new septic system designed to newer codes and taking advantage of knowledge learned over the past 40 years. Its bad because the previous system has been slowly failing over the past 5 or so years. A failing system is very bad for the environment. So it has likely been polluting for years, and this makes me sad. But the good news is that it was caught and will be fixed. And we won't be paying for it!

So in the mean time, I'll give you a list of topics I am researching:
1) Bat Houses
2) Rain Barrels
3) Wooden Hot Tubs
4) Composite decking matieral
5) Bay Wise Landscaping
6) Pet waste disposal


The "Mind" said...

There are a lot of closed mines up here that are used as bat habitats. I would so have a bat house. Anything to keep the skeeters at bay.

Pman is planning to put up gutters running to a rain barrel at the corner of the garage. We've got a little roof work to do first.

Those wooden hot tubs remind me of that episode of I Love Lucy when she mashes grapes. LOL!

There's no link for pet waste disposal, but are you talking about those Doggie Dooley systems? We have one, works like a charm during the summer.

Beej said...

Todd's client makes composite lumber. I had the chance to work with it when we built those park benches for the dog park. Neat stuff. Email me, and I'll fill you in on it.

Ruby said...

The Mind - yes, the Doogy Dooley is the basic idea I was talking about. I saw it in the Gaiam catalog and got to researching. There seems to be a bit of conflicting info as to if its a good plan or not.

Claire said...

I have a bathouse and lots of good links at work that I will share with you. Jay bought me a bathouse and I have painted it an appropriate shade of brown for our area, but it is still in the garage so I still have no bats living in it. Remind me next week and I'll send you my bathouse research links.